What are the NLP Logical Levels of Change?

Logical Levels of Change

Using The NLP Logical Levels Of Change

If you want to create an effective action plan for change, then you should use the NLP Logical Levels of Change Model. It will provide a general road map to you for the process of change which has a starting point, a middle section, and finally an ending point (your change outcome).
If you create an action plan for change that is not up to the task, then you risk returning back to your old ways. When people suffer from this, they will either start all over again or just give up believing that the required change is not achievable.

What are the NLP Logical Levels of Change?

Spirituality – What is your purpose in life? What are you here to do?
Identity – Who are you?
Values and Beliefs – What do you consider important? What do you expect from given
Capabilities – What skills do you have? What do you know how to do?
Behavior – What do you need to change?
Environment – Where are you?

Understanding the Logical Levels of Change

Think about how you define yourself. Do you base your self-definition on what you do? Or the skills that you possess? Maybe you define yourself by the things that are most important to you and your beliefs? Or you could define yourself by who you are and what you stand for.
If you have a life purpose, do you use this to define yourself?
To provide a useful background to the model, let’s take an example of solving problems. Let’s assume that a person you know has issues with their neighbors. It is getting to the point that this person must move from their current Environment and move to another location.
The person moves and finds that the new neighbors are also problematic. So another move takes place and now this person has the “neighbors from hell” next door. At this stage, the person may begin to think that he is not interacting with people correctly and this requires a Behavior change.
The problem is that the individual does not know how to behave differently and therefore will need to acquire new capabilities. If the person believes that their current behavior is OK then a change in their Beliefs will be necessary to solve the problem. But maybe the person’s beliefs form the core of their Identity, and they will have to think hard about who they really are.
Changing a person’s identity is no small undertaking, and a large change is required. It could be that the only way it is possible to make this change is to rethink their life’s purpose and why they are here, so this would be a Spiritual change.

Think of the Level of Change as a Pyramid

The first layer of change is your environment. At this level. there will be external threats and a number of opportunities for you to pursue. You need to take into account where you live, work, and the people that are around you. From a business perspective, this would be your market, your competitors, and the regulatory and legal framework that exists.
Going up a level to behavior, this is all about what you actually do. All of what you do will naturally take place in your environment.
Next, we have the capability. This is all about your knowledge and the skills that you possess. Behaviors are based upon your skills range. Remember that just because you have the skill to do something does not mean you will use it.
Values and beliefs are at the next levels. What is important for you, and what do you believe in?
This includes beliefs about you, other people, and the world in general. Your values will motivate you. This level will also contain the rules that you create for yourself. These will follow the pattern “in this scenario I will…”
One level up is identity. This is all about your sense of self and who you believe you really are.
The final level is Spiritual. This is the connection that you have which drives your purpose in life. This can be an idea, a political cause, a religious belief, patriotism, your family, and so on.



Which level are you into in NLP Logical Levels?

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